Perhaps our most valuable contribution to your Caribbean adventure plan is our assistance with boat selection. We take very seriously our role in helping you find a vessel that overlaps with your perceptions of the ideal charter yacht vacation. This is your trip — it should be everything you expected it to be. Besides, boat selection can be a lot of fun.

Popular opinion is that all “yachts” are luxury power vessels. That’s simply not the case. Many yachts are beautifully streamlined sailboats that reflect the natural essence of wind-harnessing, open ocean travel; and demonstrate that the history of traditional yachting has not conceded to the technological advances of today’s mega-yachts.

While many clients already have a firm understanding of yacht types and the related performance and specifics of each, our experience allows us to serve as a peer–to–peer sounding board of expertise as you sort through the array of available and appropriate options.

Charter Vessel Classifications

The true classic sailing yachts, known for smooth, exquisite lines and authentic sailing experiences. Monohulls are boats with a single hull and are available in an expansive array of wave-splitting designs. “Ride the rail” through lines of Caribbean Cays and gin-clear tides and experience everything that sailing was meant to be.

Multi-hulls have splashed onto the sailing scene in the last decade, offering outstanding performance, comfort and the ability to accommodate a large number of passengers.

Popular with families and groups because of added privacy and the regular occurrence of in-suite bathrooms, catamarans typically have more than enough exceptionally detailed deck space. Their shallow draft allows them to venture into shallow coves and beaches for unforgettable explorations of the Caribbean’s lesser-known locales.

The definition of true luxury; the epitome of high-end vacation touring.

Few of the world’s seas offer better environments to explore in the comfort and exclusivity of a power yacht than the blue-green calm of the Caribbean. So is it any surprise that so many amenity-rich, customized and extravagant power vessels can be found there?

Leave the wind behind, sit back and toast the vacation you know you’ve earned, knowing that any beach, bar or reef can be discovered in very little time, thanks to the graceful speed and power of a chartered motor yacht. We can’t blame you for wanting one.

For those in the know, bareboat yacht charters offer unmatched ocean-going freedom. It's you, your crew and the wind.

In chartering a bareboat, your passion for sailing the open Caribbean seas meets the pleasure and comfort of a five-star hotel. And you can choose a new sunset every day.

Sojourn Sailing provides exemplary bareboating coordination service, helping you at every step to create a "bucket-list" adventure vacation few will ever experience. Having spent many years in the center of the Caribbean charter sailing industry, Dare and Leigh Ann ensure the efficient hand-over of the helm, assist you in preparing your crew, coordinating supplies and charting your cruising grounds.

Just as we do for our full-service charter yacht clients, we provide bareboat clients with first-mate insight to the best available vessels, unique destinations, secluded locales and eclectic watering holes.

The Caribbean offers a coral-rich array of cultural perspectives and natural landscapes that help define the freedom of bareboating. For a week, two or maybe more, we can help map a course to the inner reaches of islands and locations like Tortola, Mayreau, Anegada, Rendezvous Bay, St. John and St. Kitts.

Bareboating can be done with little on-water experience. While it does require an orientation period prior to leaving the dock, it will be our job—and pleasure—to provide as much ongoing education from your first e-mail to when you weigh anchor.

The best first step aboard your bareboating sojourn would be to drop us a line or give Dare or Leigh Ann a call at 919.649.0278.

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Captain Dare Blankenhorn

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